Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter 5 ''The Jades Army''

-Morning time-

"Everyone get up" yelled Ace. "'s to early" complained Eduard as he got up his bed.
"Everyone get dressed and come to the sqaure" yelled Ace. "..Whats going on now." said Clive as he got dressed up.

-Everyone meets up at square-

"Everyone today is going to be a big day, we will march to Jades cave and attack them. Don't worry we won't take the camps because we'll be staying here after." yelled Ace. "Okay, everyone get the weapons, armors, shields ready" yelled Clive as he went by Eduard.

-Meanwhile Kunam, Gaara and Disco has secretly gone to see how tight the security was at Jades hideout-

"How much farther" asked Kunam as he slowly creeped through the forest. "We're close" replied Disco. "Hey Disco, i heard about you before" said Gaara. "Oh really? where" asked Disco. "Your a survivor of the Forbidden Gates army, that was said to be dead 10 years ago, right?" asked Gaara. "Okay, I don't know hwo you know that, but I will explain it when we return" replied Disco. "Well, you must be a good fighter, if you were in it" said Gaara with a smile. "You haven't see anything yet" replied Disco. "Okay guys shut up, i can hear the guards now" said Kunam.

-They slowly hide by trees and peaked at what was going on-

"Damn, I need to go to the bathroom hella bad" said Jades guard to the other. "You always have to..hurry the hell up" replied Jade's guard #2. "I will, don't worry we already wiped the village one got away haha" replied Jade's guard.

"Hey look theres only 1 guard we should get in" said Gaara. "Okay, we will go in and in 1 hour from now the knights will come to attack too" replied Kunam. "Yeah, so by that they would be distracted and archmor knights will have advangtage" replied Disco. "Exactly" replied Kunam. "Gaara do your job" said Kunam with a smile.

-Gaara slowly went from behind the guard and coked him to death-

"Good job, lets go" replied Kunam. "Wait! Gaara hide his body here in the bush" said Disco. "Yeah, we can't allow to get attention yet" replied Gaara as he hides the body.

-They go inside-

"Creepy" said Kunam. "Wow this place is nicely built though" replied Disco. "Don't get off guard guys, we're on enemy's land" said Gaara.

-After a couple of fights with guards, they take the guards clothes and dress up like them. Soon they get close to the Jade's chamber-

"This must be his chamber" replied Kunam. "Yeah, try to act normal, theirs alot of guards" replied Disco. "Lets go" replied Gaara.

-They went by the chambers heavily closed doors, guarded by big guards-

"Nice day" said Kunam to the guards as he saluted them" "Wait! you can't just pass to the Jade's chamber like that, you know better than that" said the Giant guard as he blocked the way. "Whats your reason for trying to go" asked The other Giant Guard. "Very important sir, we have found information of things" replied Kunam as he tried to make a deep voice sound. "Hmm..okay go" replied the Giant guard.

-Door opens and they step in-

"The knights are suppose to be attacking by now" said Gaara. "Damn, okay hide by these barrels while we wait for the attack so the Jade is left unguarded" replied Kunam.

-Meanwhile Archmor's knights had already attack-

"CHARGE!!!!!" Commanded Ace. "Wooohooo" replied Eduard as he shot random people, even some of archmor knights. "Eduard aim damn it" replied Clive as he cut a gaurds head off.

-Soon the place was cleared-

"Haha Victory!" yelled Clive. "Not yet, we must go inside now" replied Ace.

- Meanwhile back at the barrels-

"Hurry we are underattack" yelled a gaurd as him and 10 other gaurds run past by. "Looks like they are here now" said Kunam. "Okay, now the Jade's turn to die" replied Disco. "Okay, lets move in" replied Kunam.

-They go into the chamber and Jade sees them-

"Who goes there?" asked Jade. "You death" replied Gaara as he charged at the Jade.

-They battle feriously, disco jumps in too-

"Ha! two on one no problem" Replied the jade as his sword started to glow. "What the hell?" asked Gaara. "Shit! move away from him fast" -But it was to late- "100 Blade attack" Yelled Jade. -Gaara and Disco go flying and hit the wall-

"Damn, I can't move" said Gaara. "Now your turn" replied Jade look at Kunam. "Try me" replied Kunam.

-They fought and kept swing, but they could not kill each other-

"Argg" yelled Kunam as he got cut in his hand. "Hahaha" replied Jade. -Suddenly the knights are here-

"Stop right there Jade" yelled Eduard as he shot a arrow. "Huh" said Jade as he got hit by the arrow. "Damn you cheap shooter" replied Jade.

-They tight up jade and leave him there-

"Guys, get Gaara and Disco, we better get out of here before this place explodes. "C'mon lets go" said kunam as he held his hand. "You pay for this Kunam!!" Yelled Jade.

- They get out and the place explodes-

"Hahah, Jade is finally dead" Yelled Disco. "You have avenged you people" replied Kunam. "Kunam, i can't thank you gusy enough, but to repay you guys, i will join to help you now" replied Disco. "Welcome to the team" replied Kunam. "Okay okay, Gaara hasn't got up yet" replied Ace.
"Lets head back and treat him" replied Kunam. "Okay lets go back knights" Yelled Eduard. "Hey hey thats my job" replied Ace. "Not no more haha" replied Eduard.

-They went on there way back to the burn't village-

-Meanwhile at the destoryed cave-

"Jade, wake up" yelled a unknown voice. -Suddenly Jade gets up- "Where the hell am i?" asked Jade. "I saved you before it exploded" replied the demon looking man. "Who are you?" asked Jade. "The name is Sairo, i want to make a deal with you" replied Sairo. "Deal?" asked Jade. "You join us and we will help you take revange on them" replied Sairo. "Whose us?" asked Jade. "You'll find out once we go to our castle." replied Jade. "Hmm lets go then" replied Jade.

-Next chapter- The demons.