Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter 4 "Finally light"

-Eduard takes them through the cave-

"Almost there" said Eduard. "The soldiers must be getting tired of carrying all the stuff" replied Kunam. "Don't worry the village is close" replied Eduard. "Wow, I see light haha" yelled Ace. "Finally..." replied Gaara.

-They go through the cave-

"Okay, the village is south from here" said Eduard. "Okay, keep leading" replied Kunam.

"You really trust this guy?" Gaara whispers to Kunam. "He doesn't seem bad" replied Kunam.
"Okay, guys just a little more, we are at Giant shrubs now" said Eduard. "Something smells like burning" said Clive. "Hmm.. I smell that too" replied Kunam. "SHIT! it's from the village, cmon" yelled Eduard.

-They ran as fast as they could, but were to late, the village was burnt down-

"Damn, NOOOOOOOOO" cried Eduard. "....Damn, that demon" said Gaara. "Look for survivors" commanded Kunam.


"All burned to ashes" replied Eduard. -Suddenly a sounds comes out- "Cough cough" coughed the unknown voice. "Someone is here, search for him" said Kunam.

"Look there" pointed Ace by a tree. -They ran to him" "Ace, heal him" said Kunam. "Yes sir" replied Ace. "Kunam we should camp here for tonight" said Gaara. "Yeah, tell the knights to get the camps ready" replied Kunam. "Clive, gaurd the mans camp" commanded Kunam. "Okay" replied Clive.

- It turns night-

"Is he better Ace?" asked Kunam. "Yes, lets go to his camp" replied Ace. -They go-

"Clive stay outside" said Kunam. "Thanks for saving my life" replied the man. "What is your name?" asked Kunam. "Everyone called me Disco" replied Disco. "Disco we need help from you, please tell us what happened" asked Kunam. -Eduard disrupts-

"Woah woah wait don't tell them with out me here" said Eduard as he rushed though the door.
"Okay go on" said Kunam. "Okay, it was a peaceful day and like everyday everyone was playing outside. Then all of sudden, warriors on horses come and start killing and burning" said Disco.
"Who were they?" asked Ace. "The South tribe, with there leader Jade" replied Disco. "Jade..I'll cut his throut off" replied Eduard. "I wanna join you guys and help fight" asked Disco.

"We're on a different mission though" said Kunam. -Ace explains story-
"Well, you can't get into Cascades lands without passing Jades first either" replied Disco. "Then we'll kill them" replied Gaara suddenly coming in. "Whats the next place after this?" asked Kunam. "The underground cave, its where digers work, but it's really Jades hideout" replied Disco.

"Then we shall stay here for 2 days and then depart there, in the mean time pepare and don't get off guard" commanded Kunam. "Kunam, get some rest" said Ace. "You guys do, i'll be outside for awhile" replied Kunam.

-Kunam heads outside and looks up in the sky. He sees The Forbidden Gates opening. His interupted by Eduard-

"You okay?" asked Eduard. "Yeah, just weird thoughts" replied Kunam. "Oh, so your the king of the northern lands?" asked Eduard. "Yes." replied Kunam. "Kunam, can i ask you something?" asked Eduard. "Hmm, yeah" replied Kunam.

"You know when i was gonna kill that glaag, i heard you say, Gaara, let me kill this one. Did you know i was gonna miss the arrow and hit someone?" asked Eduard. "" replied Kunam.
"Well, because Gaara was hurt from earlier, so you knew if it hit him in accident, he might have died" replied Eduard. "Well, lets just say I can sense when things are gonna happen" replied Kunam.

-Meanwhile Gaara was listening-

"So thats why he didn't let me attack it..." Gaara whispered to himself.

-Next chapter 5- ''The Jade's army''

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