Monday, October 18, 2010

The Final Battle

"I've lost, but also won"

The Dead Gates

Back at the Burnt village-

“We’re finally here yelled” Eduard.
“Alright get working on Gaara, while we prepare and rest, tomorrow will be a big day,” replied Kunam. “Okay, everyone back to the camps,” yelled Ace, as he walked with Clive.

“Disco, come with me, we have a lot to discuss,” said Kunam as he moved toward the meeting camp. “Hmm..I’ll be there in a minute” replied Disco.

Will he make it-

“How’s he feeling..,” asked Clive. “Oh, he’ll make it,” replied Ace. “Getting hit by a ancient attack like 100 blades aka Cursed sword does critical damage” replied Clive as he put his sword down. “What I’m wondering is how did Disco survive the attack” asked Ace. “Well, from what I heard the attack was mainly on Gaara, Dicso flew just by the force of it” replied Clive.

Back at the Meeting camp-

Kunam and Disco come in and sit down-

“As Gaara was saying, you were in the Forbidden Gates army” asked Kunam. “Yes, he was right, I was a member of it” replied Disco. “What happen to TFA?” asked Kunam.
“It’s a long story but one night demons attacked our base” replied Disco. “Demons?” asked Kunam while putting his hand on his Archmor ring.
“Yeah, demons…a huge demon army, more than 10,000 I’d say, replied Disco as he tried to remember more. “Tell me more about them” asked Kunam as he got up and looked out the window.
“These Demons were no joke..they had about 5 leaders, I remember 2 of them yelling out Megamoogle, and Sairo” replied Disco. “Sairo! We encountered him before” angrily replied Kunam. “So his around here now, I hope we encounter them because my memories won’t leave without me killing him..” Replied Disco.
“He hurt many of my army members too..I know we are going to meet him again, he said so himself” said Kunam.

Eduard enters-
“Did I interrupt y’all” said Eduard as he came in. “No, replied Kunam. “Eduard, who was the leader of your little village” asked Disco. “They called him..Rusty” replied Eduard. “….He was one of the survivors and leaders of the forbidden army..” said Disco as he held on to his necklace. “Yeah, he told me once that the forbidden army, use to be protectors of the ancient Gates..” replied Eduard. “And then the sudden disappearance of the TFA, caused other groups to create armies like ourselves, The knights of Archmor..“ replied Kunam.

A loud noise comes out from the camp-

“Whatttt the hell was that noise” asked Eduard. “I hear people…talking noises” replied Disco. “Cmon, let’s go” said Kunam as they grabbed their swords.

As they run out they see a huge army of demons, with 5 in the front leading..-

“Looks like the little story is about to happen all over again” said Kunam, with fear in his voice. “Eduard ring the bells, get the army ready” yelled Clive, coming out from the camp with Ace. “Ace, stay with Gaara, no matter what happens, just stay there..” yelled Kunam.
“Sir…..” replied Ace. “If anything happens, get away from here, just run away with Gaara..” replied back Kunam.

“The army is ready Kunam!” yelled Eduard. “Alright, Ace, you heard me, and guys get prepared” yelled Kunam. “The 5 demons, today there shall be revenge” said Disco.
“…yeah..fight side by side..” replied Clive as he got ready to duel wield. “They’re coming fast, cmon get your best equipment” replied Kunam.
“Today, I will use my sword, The Demon Slasher…the sword that once was used by ancient protectors..” said Kunam as he held it in his hand.
“Pack up on the potions men!” yelled Eduard.

The demons had finally arrived-

“Hahaaha, Kunam wasn’t it” said Sairo as he took out his Scar slasher. “Sairo, you again, I kill avenge the forbidden army..” replied Diso. “Oh it’s you, the dead army member, haha you got away last time, but this time is your end” replied Sairo. “Can we kill already” asked one of the demons. “Megamoogle, you blood thirsty fool, wait alittle..lets play with our food before we eat ahahaha” replied Sairo. “ahaha Hawk, where’s Cascade” replied Megamoogle as he took out his sword.

“I’ll go check,” said Hawk.
“Foolish demons, you guys all came out of the forbidden gates..” asked Kunam. “The Gates..the Forbidden gates..the gate the humans kept so much guard on..” Sairo mumbled to himself. “Cascade was a demon king after all..” replied Clive.
Cascade had finally arrived-

“Are these thee fools that dare oppose my plans” asked Cascade. “Cascade..what are your plans, why do you wish to darken this world..” asked Kunam.
“I art the one who had made this world in the beginning, and now it is my time to destory it..” replied Cascade. “Humans had locked the demons in the Forbidden gates and took over our world..” said Megamoogle. “Then it’s time we lock you guys up again..” replied Disco.

“Hahaha, young man, thou little army cannot stand a chance against our army.” replied Cascade laughing while taking out his Demon god blade.
“Then a battle it is..” replied Kunam as he yelled “CHARGE!!”
“Charge my minions, Mega, Sairo, and Hawk..stay back.” said Cascade.

A huge battle took place..Demons and Humans-

“They have like 6000 atleast” said Kunam. “Lets reduce them to like 3000, it seems the main ones are holding back” replied Clive.
"We only have 1000, but we can do it" yelled Eduard.
"Fight till death" replied Disco.

Kunam, Disco, Clive, Eduard and the archmor knights fought hard, and finally reduced their army alittle.

"They're gaining on us.." said Megamoogle. "Cascade, it's time we go in" replied Hawk.
"Go, and bring me back victory, but leave Kunam for me.." replied Cascade.
"Your order shall be obeyed" replied Hawk.

"Disco!" yelled Sairo. "hmm" said Disco as he looked at Sairo. "Take this you foolish mortal" replied Sairo as he charged with his huge blade. "Disco! watch out, " yelled Clive.
"I got this, it's my battle.." replied Disco as he blocked the attack. "Clive, you take Megamoogle" ordered Kunam. "NO!, i will fight Moogle" yelled Eduard. "Hmm..alright go," replied Kunam.
"I will go assist Disco" said Clive as he ran toward Sairo.

Hawk came toward Kunam and was ready to battle-

"Kunam, the leader of this Archmor, I challenge you to a duel" asked Hawk.
"I accept, let this battle begin" replied Kunam.

They fought, and in the end Hawk, was about to use his special"

"It's time to end you Kunam" said Hawk. "I won't die this easily, trust me Hawk" replied Kunam.
"What-ever, it's time, 1000 blades attack!" yelled Hawk as he sword started glowing, and hit kunam. "Kunam!!" yelled Clive running back to him.
" Disco, don't worry about me" slowly said Kunam. "I won't kill you now, though.." said Hawk as he returned to the demon army.
"Kunam get up, we won't give up this easily.." yelled Clive. "Their abilities are more greater than ours" replied Kunam.

Sairo and Disco were fighting furiously -

"I will avenge, my fellow people" said Disco as he ran up with his sword slashing.
"No haha, you will join them" replied Sairo as he started slashing too.

They kept fighting, and disco was taken down-

"Damn.. my arm" yelled Disco in pain. "Hahaha, it's your end" replied Sairo.

Kunam comes running, and blocks Sairo's attack.
"Saved i see...Hawk didn't finish you.." said Sairo pointing his blade at Kunam.
"He can't kill me this friend" yelled Kunam. "Cmon lets destory him right now" yelled Clive as he took out his blades.

While Clive was running a arrow hit him, and

"Oh no clive" yelled Kunam, as he left Disco, and went toward Clive.
"Kunam...I have failed you guys, I'm sorry, but it's the end for me" slowly said Clive.
"No, hang in there, clive, you won't die" replied Kunam. "It's time..for me to go, join the fallen" slowly said Clive... as another arrow from Hawk's bow hit him.
"Clive....." said Kunam as he started to rage running at Hawk.
"Oh shit, his mad now hahaha" said Hawk.
"Cursed blade attack" yelled Kunam as he threw his sword, and it went right through Hawk.

"Arrgg I'm done for...." yelled Hawk in pain as he fell and died. "Clive...i'm sorry" said Kunam as he watched Megamoogle, and Eduard.

"Megamoogle, it's time to avenge all the people you have killed" said Eduard.
"Hahaha, foolish child.., I won't fight" replied Megamoogle.

"Huh" replied Eduard. "Bahahahhaaha, funny children, you think you can defeat me" said Megamoogle with a grin.
"No more talking, its blade talking time" replied back Eduard as he started to slash at Moogle.
"Hmm, impressive, but not good enough" replied Megamoogle.
"gahh..its your time to die" yelled Eduard as he used his greatest move "Rusty blade".

Rusty blade hit Moogle and left him wounded-

"Arrrgg, this pain...." yelled Moogle breathing loudly. "There's more pain coming" said Eduard as he attempted to stab Moogle, but moogle countered and stabbed Eduard instead.

" this...ourrr end" said Eduard as he was slowly dieing.
"I told you foolish stand no chance" replied back Moogle as he went back to the demons.

While Kunam was battling Sairo, all of a sudden Cascade called them all back to regroup--

"Kunam, you got lucky, but i'll be back" replied Sairo. "............" said Kunam in pain, as he looked the other way an ran to Disco.

"Kunam....its our away with Gaara and Ace, go far away" slowly replied Disco.
"No, you and Eduard are still here.." replied Kunam.
"No.." replied Disco while pointing at Eduard on the ground dieing.
"ohh no..cmon lets go there" said Kunam while carrying Disco on his back.

They ran to Eduard, and see him laying there, with 5 arrows, and a sword stabbed right through him--

"Eduard..." said Kunam while putting his head down. "Eduard, we won't die in vain." replied Disco as he got off Kunam's back.
"Two of my greatest fighters are dead....and i will fight till death, no escaping, no surrendering, let this day be known" said Kunam. "......Let us be remember for eternity" replied Disco.

"We are only 2, against an army of 2000+ demons..Disco go into the camp with Gaara, tell Ace to get the hell out of here.." ordered Kunam.

" go do that, I will stay and hold them off, hurry and let them know" replied Disco.
"Hmm, okay i'll be back within secs" replied Kunam as he ran toward the camp.

While Disco held off the army, kunam went to Aces camp-

"Kunam!" yelled Ace as he got up. "Ace, eduard and Clive are no more.." replied Kunam.
"........I see.." replied Ace, weeping alittle. "But you must leave with Gaara, now or its going to be never" ordered Kunam. "Commander..., promise me you guys are going to be right behind us, coming to" replied Ace.

"Don't worry, once we settle things, we will be catching up" replied Kunam. "Promise?" asked Ace. "Yeah..go to the new lands, the land leader Hiur, will help you guys, go now!" ordered Kunam. "Don't fail us commander" replied Ace, as he said his last goodbyes, and left with Gaara on his back.

Kunam went back to Disco, and they were in trouble--

"Kunam!, I got 1 last plan" yelled Disco. "What is it" asked Kunam as he slashed heads off.
"We run, straight through these demons, and charge straight for Cascade.." replied Disco.
"No other choice.." replied Kunam.

"On 3, 123, CHARGE!" yelled Disco.

They ran past the whole army, slashing, stabbing, and went straight for Cascade-

"CASCADE YOU DEMON!" yelled both Kunam and Disco as they stabbed him.
"Arghhghggghgg what is this!" yelled Cascade in pain.
"Cascades been hit,!" yelled Sairo. "What the hell, how'd they get here" said Moogle.

"You will pay for this, you mortal fools, you shall die this instant, METEOR BLADE!

"Sairo and Moogle all join up with Cascade, and do a extreme attack-

Disco and Kunam are instantly stabbed with 100 blades-

"Ah....such..attack....that can kill sooo fast.." cried Kunam in pain. "I....must kill Sairo before i die..." cried Disco in pain

"So the end...end for us Knights...." slowly said Kunam, as he fell..

"We've fallen, this is...truly the end.." replied Disco suffering in pain.

"I warned thee, I shall win in the end.." replied Cascade. "Before you guys die, hand the Demon ring over" asked Sairo.
"IS that what you guys been after" asked Kunam. "It is a very important item to us Demons..." replied Sairo.

"Fools...we had already destoryed it a long time ago.." said Kunam. "Foolish child, hand it over.." asked Cascade.
"I'll never would, even if I had it" replied back Kunam. ".........all this slaughter for nothing..." said Moogle.
"JADE! come out, take your revenge" yelled Cascade.
"JAde?" he survived" asked Kunam.

"Surprise, surprise," said a voice.
"JADE!, you lived, kunam get up lets kill him" yelled Disco, but he couldnt get up either.
"Hahaha, kill me cmon, hahhaha.." laughed Jade, as he grabbed 2 blades and charged at them"

"(Disco, whispered kunam, once he gets close, we both stab him)"

"Alright, here we go" whispered Disco.

Jade ran up trying to stab them, but he got stabbed himself and died at the spot-

"He was worthless anyway" replied Cascade. "..........yeah.."slowly said Sairo.
"Are we going to leave them here suffering, or are we gonna 100% their ass to death" asked Moogle.

"Kunam and Disco barely got up, and still was willing to fight-

"They don't give up" replied Sairo. "Destory them.." said Cascade.

"As you say.." said Sairo as he took out his blade. "Bad luck for ya" said Moogle.

Sairo and Moogle stabbed Kunam and was their last-

"Argg......I've failed...but i've won also..." said Kunam as he fell back on the ground and died.

"Sairo......we shall meet one day again...i will avenge my people" replied Disco with his last words and fell and died.

"Human warriors with such pride...unbelievable.." replied Cascade. "Well, we didnt get what we wanted.." said Sairo.

"It's time to return to the Demon land, but before that I shall darken this land forever, the gates shall closse again.."

"Then, lets head.." replied Sairo.

After the great battle, Cascade had darkened the land, No one was in the Lands of the gates anymore. The Demons had returned back into their world..
The Forbidden gates was closed again, but the Demons had won...

5 days after the battle-

"Gah, where iam i" said a voice.
"Huh?! gaara your awake!" yelled Ace in surprise.
"Ace..." said Gaara as he got off his back.
"Gaara, kunam and the others, were in a battle, the demons attacked.." replied Ace.
"......" said Gaara.

"I was ordered to escape with you, i couldnt let down Kunam..." said Ace.
"No need to explain, I was having the vision in my head the whole time, i seen everything that happened.." said Gaara.
"Huh..." asked Ace.

"Yeah..its just that i couldnt wake up for some reason, i think it's because this Demon ring...the demons were after it" replied Gaara.

"This is a cursed goes from generations.." said Gaara..

"gaara, what happened in the battle.." asked Gaara.
"..........Kunam.....Disco...fought hard,........" said Gaara while looking up at the sky.
"They...." asked Ace,
"Yes, they are in Knights Heaven now..." replied Gaara..

"We must continue our journey to Aureus, as Kunam told me.." said Ace.
"Lets not fail them...I'm sure we will meet them again...someday.." replied Gaara.

"Kunam never broke a promise..he would give his life for a promise..and he promised me he would follow us back.." said Ace.
"Then him and Disco will...the vision may be true or false...but I believe they are alive.." said Gaara.

"Then we are going to meet them 1 day...." said Ace.
"Yeah, Kunam sent us to Aureus, the kingdom of Hiur for a reason..

Gaara and Ace, traveled to Aureus...and started a new life there waiting for the day for their fellow members to return...

The end.