Friday, May 8, 2009

Chapter 1

.The Forbidden Gates of East.

In the Peaceful town of Archmor one stormy night a light passed through the sky. It was heading down toward the village.

‘’ What the hell is that light‘’, said, a villager while other people from the town started to come out. ‘’It’s heading toward the village RUN!!’’ Said, another the old villagerJust after the thing was getting closer, the great warrior of the village had arrived from his long journey. “The king is back’’ yelled a villager.

“What the hell is that thing up there’’ said The king. “It’s coming down to us, we don’t know what it is maybe a Supernova, said Clive. “Move out of the middle everyone fast!’’, said The king. -As they moved out the thing got closer and closer and crashed right in the village- ‘’ Ahh I cant see‘’, said a old villager. - The light suddenly comes back-

“Huh, nothing happened, said The king. “King Kunam, it came from the eastern gates, said Clive. “ No way, the eastern gates is the Forbidden Gates, get an army together right now we’re going to march there, said Kunam. - Later in the kings room- “ You know the gates is the most ancient place in our world, said Clive. “Yeah, I’m hoping nothing has happened to it, we shall depart tomorrow, said Kunam as he went by his helmet.

-Early in the morning- “Get ready here comes the king, said Clive. “Damn I just got back from a mission and now another one?” said the man with the coat.
“Hahaha Gaara that’s how it always works here” said Clive.

“This one better be a fast one” said Gaara. “I doubt that” said Clive.
-King Kunam comes out- ‘’All hail Kunam’’ said the crowd of people as the knights left the village.

-On there way to the gates they had to pass through the cave known as the Glaag cave-

“Glaag cave’’

-One guard was blocking the way-

“This place is off limits, leave now” said, The ave Guard. “Clive we got company, ugh’’ said, Archmor’s warrior. “Gah, what now, oh a guard, we are here by permission by our king Kunam please stand out of the way’’ said Clive. “It is my job is not let anyone pass this cave line to the lands of king Cascade, sorry I can’t let you guys pass” said, The cave guard.

-Gaara comes in to see why the army has stopped-

“What the hell is taking so long Clive” said, Gaara as he ran to see. “This guard of king Cascade of the east says his in order to not let anyone pass” said, Clive as he looked at the guard. “Grr, Hey you guard this is the last time I’m going to ask you to move or I’m gonna have to cut you hands off” said, Gaara.

“I said I can’t let anyone pass, just leave if you don’t want trouble” said, The cave guard. “Okay that’s it I gave you your chance, now you can go to hell” Says Gaara as he takes out his sword charging at the Guard. “Ugh” squeaked The cave guard

-“Gaara charges and attacks the guard, the guards sword falls and Gaara is about to kill him, but someone yells Stop!”-

“Stop right there Gaara” said, A deep sounding voice. “Huh, your highness Kunam” said, Gaara as he put his sword down.

“This is not necessary Gaara, his just following orders” said, Kunam. “I gave him his chance your highness” said, Gaara. “Step down Gaara” Says Kunam has he starts walking by the fallen guard”. “Uhh, *Guard starts to get up* “No stay down, you might hurt your self more, Clive where’s Ace?” said, Kunam

“Ace, he should be somewhere in the back, I’ll go get him sir” said, Clive. -Clive leaves-
“Cave guard, this is very important, we have to pass through” said Kunam as he bend over to make eye contact. “What is so important” Asked The cave guard. “There was a light coming from the Gates, we have to go check it out” Said Kunam. -As kunam was explaining he was interrupted by Ace-

“Your highness what can I do” asked Ace. “Heal this Guard make sure his back to normal, we shall camp here till tomorrow, everyone must be tired” Commanded Kunam.
“Okay everyone, we will camp here tonight get the camps running” Yelled Gaara.

-The night came-