Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chapter 2

-The night came-

“Wow it sure does get dark here” said Gaara. “Scared of the dark?” asked Ace. “Me? I was born in the dark hahaha” replied Gaara. “Ace how’s the guard?” suddenly asked Kunam.
“Oh, his feeling better, he says he can help us out” said Clive. “How?” asked Kunam. “He’ll say in the morning” replied Clive. “Hmm.. We’ll see” said Kunam.

-As he was going to his camp, they all heard a loud scream-
“The hell was that?” asked Gaara. “Shit, came from the back camps” said Ace. “C’mon get you swords and lets go” commanded Kunam.

-They went and saw one of there knights lying on the ground-

“Is he alive, check Ace” said Kunam. “Your highness, I’m sorry I couldn’t kill him, but save the Cave guard” replied The dieing knight. “Damn, his dead” said Ace. “Gaara hurry to the Cave guards camp, go fast!” commanded Kunam. “Yes sir” replied Gaara as he ran to the camp. “Where the hell is Clive?” asked Kunam. “He might be in his camp” replied Ace. “Go get him and get more men” said Kunam.

-Ace runs to Clive’s camp, and Kunam goes to the cave guards camp, where a big battle is happing between Gaara and Dark armored knight-
“Grrr, die you damn beast” said Gaara as he slashed his sword. *The dark armored knight grinned*

“Kunam!” yelled Clive. “Check it out” replied Kunam. “What hell is that” asked Clive. “Whatever it is, it’s possed with darkness around it” said Ace. “At least Gaara has the Demon ring so it gives him power too” replied Kunam.

-Gaara and the demon kept battling, but then the demon gets more powerful

"Ahhh, I can't even damage him now" yelled Gaara. "Rage of Destruction!" yelled The dark armored Knight.

-Gaara goes flying and hits a barrel. He faints.-

"Gaara!" cried Clive. "Hahaha, you guys are next" grinned The dark armored knight. "Ace, take Gaara away" Commanded Kunam. "Who are you demon" asked Clive. "*The demon looked at him strangely and rushed to attack*" Kunam blocks the hit"

"The name is Sairo" replied The dark armored knight. "Sairo what do you want with us, and who do you work for?" asked Kunam. "Hahaha, you all will soon find out, we shall meet again" replied Sairo as he disappeared.

"Damn, Clive get the guards to guard around the camps" Said Kunam. "Yes, sir" replied Clive.

-Ace comes in-

"Gaara is recovering sir" said Ace. "Good, we're going to cross the cave at sunlight, i have a feeling Cascade is behind all this" Replied Kunam.