Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter 3- ''The Cave and New member''


“Everyone get up, we’re moving on” yelled Ace. “What…it’s still night” whined Clive. “Get up you lazy frog” said Ace. “Okay okay, calm down” replied Clive. “Sir Ace, Gaara is at his camp waiting for you” suddenly said a Knight. “Okay thanks, you go on and tell everyone to get ready we got one hour to pack up” commanded Ace. “Yes sir” replied Knight.

-Ace goes into Gaaras camp-

“Feeling better?” asked Ace. “Your medicines always work haha” replied Gaara. “Your still injured though, try not to be to active” said Ace. “What happened to the demon?” asked Gaara.

-Kunam comes in suddenly-

“He left, we are no match for him right now” replied Kunam as he came in. “Next time I see him, he’ll be dead meat” replied Gaara. “He said his name is Sairo, I’m sure we will meet him again, but right now we have one mission” replied Kunam. “Your highness, the army is ready to depart” said Clive leaning on the door. “Good, we’re coming” replied Kunam.

-Goes outside to the knights-

“Okay man, this cave is no joke, many monsters are in there, watch each others backs and we’ll be safe” Said Kunam to the 100 knights. “Yes Sir” yelled The Knights.

-The dark cave of Glaag-

“Now this place is freaky” said Clive. “Shh, stay quiet I don’t want to get attention” replied Kunam.

-Half way through-

*noise* Rawr rawr

“*frightened* The heck was that?” asked Clive. “Giant floating octopus looking monsters” replied Gaara. “How you know” asked Ace. “I’ll tell later, he comes one *Takes sword out* replied Gaara. “No Gaara let me kill this” said Kunam. “But..” replied Gaara. “It’s okay I can take it” replied Kunam.

-Kunam charges at the Glaag, but suddenly a arrow shoots out from behind the glaag and hits Kunam-

“Arrrg” cried Kunam. “Oh no, Kunam!” yelled Clive, Gaara and Ace while running up to him. “Damn, kill the damn glaag Ace” commanded Kunam.

“Ace is stepping up to kill it but an arrow already kills it-

“Huh” whose there” asked Ace. -A voice speaks up-

“Haha, that got the Glaag good” said The unknown voice. -Suddenly he appears-
“Grr, you attacked our leader Kunam you should die for that” said Gaara. “No Gaara it wasn’t in purpose” replied Kunam. “Sorry, he came in the way” replied The man. “…..” replied Gaara.

“Is he okay?” asked The man. “He’ll live, he has been through more than that haha” replied Clive. “What’s your name and what are you doing here mister?” Asked Ace. “The names Eduard, and I always come here for hunting” replied Eduard. “Oh, we thought you are a spy of Sairo or something. “Sairo the demon?” asked Eduard. “Yes, you know him?” Asked Ace. “Who doesn’t, he burned down a village yesterday” replied Eduard. “Damn him..” said Gaara. “Haha, nice hit Eduard” replied Kunam as he got up. “Sorry man didn’t mean haha” replied Eduard. “So whats up?” asked Eduard.

-They explain the story-

“Wow, seems bad” said Eduard. “Yeah it is” replied Kunam. “You know the way out of here Eduard?” asked Gaara. “Yeah, what are we waiting for” replied Eduard. “Okay lead us” replied Kunam. “You guys can tell me more at my village coming up, it’s just passed the cave and past the Giant shrubs area” replied Eduard.

-Chapter 4 -Finally Light!